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Case: CarKroodle

We tested CarKroodle together with the Aegon car insurance

  • Low claim rate: 45%
  • High engagement: CarKroodle customers open the app up to 20 times a month
  • Better drivers: users typically improve their driving score with 10% in the first 6 months

How it works

Direct insight in how much discount you earn

With the CarKroodle App, you'll get insight in your driving speed, brake behaviour, time and KroodleScore after every trip. This way you will be able to improve and optimalize your driving. But there is more, you can check where you parked your car, join group challenges and receive partner deals.

More about how it works

About CarKroodle

By measuring driving behaviour, you can give customers insight in their driving style and reward them with perks and discounts for safe driving. Safe driving also means no distraction by mobile phone.

More than insurance

But there is more, you can check where you parked your car, check your cars health and receive partner deals. Customers can even export their trips for their tax administration.

Customized implementation

Kroodle can offer the app as a white label version, with your own branding and language. The data the app delivers can be viewed in the Kroodle Admin Panel. It shows you all customer data and export functionalities. It is possible to connect this data to Mailchimp, which makes it very easy to send a personal monthly status mailing.