You are in control

Save 20% on your car insurance by driving safely.

The CarKroodle stick

Your car connected

Get the CarKroodle insurance and we will send you a stick. Simply install the stick in your car and off you go! The Kroodle stick registrates how fast you drive, brake and when you are driving. Your way of driving determines your monthly fee.

The CarKroodle app

Direct insight in how much discount you earn

With the CarKroodle App, you'll get insight in your driving speed, brake behaviour, time and KroodleScore after every trip. This way you will be able to improve and optimalize your driving.


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About CarKroodle

CarKroodle is a new kind of car insurance which gives you control on your monthly fee. With the Kroodle stick and app we will give you insight in your driving behaviour. The safer you drive, the more discount you get on your car insurance. You can save up to 20% of your monthly fee. Your fee will never get any higher, but depending on your driving, it could get lower.

CarKroodle is only available in The Netherlands. Switch to Dutch for more details.