Kroodle white label solutions

Insurances that reward good behaviour

Maximum engagement

CarKroodle customers open the app up to 20 times a month. Such frequent contact leads to more loyalty

Low claim rate

Rewarding good driving behaviour proves succesfull

Personal price

The advanced Kroodle algorithm makes it possible to offer custom made premiums

Driving behaviour insurance CarKroodle

The solution for maximum engagement

Flawless driver or crazy speed devil? Thanks to Kroodles advanced application design you will have a clear insight in the way your customers drive. The app also offers your customers insight: all their ride are registrated and it shows them how they did as a driver, where their car is parked and if the car has motor problems. Customers can export their drive registration for tax purposes. The app also has a ranking that compares them to other users. The driving is registered by a dongle that is placed in the car. Kroodle can offer the app as a white label version, with your won brandin and language. 

The data the app delivers can be viewed in the Kroodle Admin Panel. It shows you all customer data and exportf unctionalities. It is possible to connect this data to Mailchimp, which makes it very easy to send a monthly status mailing. 




FitKroodle rewards an active lifestyle

Help your customers get healthier

FitKroodle is the missing link between fitness gadgets & apps and the financial world. Insurance companies and consumers have the same goal: a long en healthy life. FitKroodle gives customers insights in their health, offers them tools to improve their health and financial incentives to motivate them. FitKroodle offers insurers a product with a unique high interaction with customers and customers that are very health conscious. 

The FitKroodle app is accomodated with a a heart rate monitor, that measures the heart rate with the aid of the camera of the smartphone. It measures the resting heart rate of the user, which is an important indicator of the physical condition and life expectancy. FitKroodle also imports fitnessdata provided by Google Fit and Apple Health.

FitKroodle can be made available in your own language and branding 


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