Innovate by doing

We make your digital product ideas come to life

We can build your app or website from A to Z

In addition to our products, we offer our development skills to other companies. We have been realizing and validating many digital products, often within complex organizations. We never start with technology, but always with the user. That's why we build a prototype first, which we improve together with users. 

Why Kroodle

  • Best in class UX. We have proven that we can influence user behaviour by using the right interaction, communication and gamification tactics. 
  • Focus on market and return. We feel responsible for your business. Together we strive for a postive business case. 
  • Solid development. Experienced developers. We start with security and privacy in mind. 
  • No vendor lockin. If possible, we make use of open source development tools. And we make sure that any developer can work with our code.
  • We love data. We validate everything with data. And we're good at making complex things look simple like big data, IoT and AI. 
  • We love impact. We have a great passion for technology and what you can achieve with it. Even better if this technology also makes the world a little better!


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